EnerGenie LED Bulb


 LED by the GENIE!

We, Gembird Europe BV, are a European manufacturer of computer-related products. We are happy to announce our revolutionary EnerGenie LED bulb based upon (patent pending) heat pipe design. Heat pipes are quite common solution for cooling computer CPUs but so far have never been used in LED bulbs. The biggest problem of traditional LED bulbs is heat. The heat not only decreases overall performance of the bulb but also causes long-term degradation of the LEDs and even the bulb to totally fail. Our engineering team used their expert knowledge in the CPU cooling field to construct the most efficient LED bulb in the world!

EnerGenie LED bulb - the world's best!

EnerGenie LED bulb produces awesome 135 lumens per watt. It is around 40% better than the traditional LED bulbs!


EnerGenie LED bulb - best quality light!

We placed LEDs in three dimensions in our EnerGenie LED bulb as opposed to the traditional 2D placement of the LEDs. The outcome is a far greater lit area - 330 degrees, while traditional LED bulbs barely provide 140-160 degrees.

The EnerGenie LED bulb is available in color temperatures of 2700K (warm light) and 4000K (white neutral light).

The EnerGenie LED bulb has a Color Rendering Index of 85 and is available in High CRI version (CRI 92). The colors would look natural with our EnerGenie LED bulb!


EnerGenie LED bulb - guaranteed longer lifetime!

Efficient cooling of the LEDs means there will be no decrease in light output over years of use, while traditional LED bulbs lose around 30% of their intensity after just 10000 hours.

The driver is well separated from the heat source - failure of EnerGenie LED bulb is virtually impossible.

An EnerGenie LED bulb will work perfectly even in a closed light fixture - where the most LED bulbs would fail to work at all!


EnerGenie LED bulb will save you money!

During the lifetime of one EnerGenie LED bulb you would have to buy several traditional bulbs. This on top of the electricity cost savings!


EnerGenie LED bulb - true replacement to 100W incandescent!

There are 3 modifications of EnerGenie LED bulb available:

  • 8 W version producing 1080 lumens which is equivalent to 70 W incandescent
  • 10 W version producing 1350 lumens which is equivalent to 85 W incandescent
  • 12 W version producing 1600 lumens which is equivalent to 100 W incandescent

EnerGenie LED bulb - reliable and thoroughly tested!

The prototype bulbs have been extensively tested in table lamps and ceiling light (upside down) for more than one year. More than one thousand EnerGenie LED bulbs have already been produced as a test batch. The EnerGenie LED bulb is a mature product and we are ready for the mass production which would take place in January 2014.

By March 2014 the EnerGenie LED bulb will be certified by UL/ETL/CE. It will be tested against the following standards:




REACH 1907/2006

REACH 2005/618/EC

LVD +EMC Directive



Ecodesign 244/2009

ErP 2009/125/EC Directive

EN 63612 Self ballasted lamps
for general lighting services by voltage > 50V -Safety

IEC 62612 Self ballasted lamps for general lighting services - Performance

EN 62471

Photo-biological safety of lamps and lamp systems

LVD 2006/95/EC Standard

EN 61347-1: 2001,
EN 61347-2-13:2006, EN 60825-1:2007, EN 60598-1: 2004, EN 60598-2-1:1987

EMC Standard

EN55015:2000+A1:2001+A2, 2002 EN 61547: 1997+A1: 2001, EN 61000-3-2:2006, EN61000-3-2:2000+A2:2005, EN 61000-3-3:1995+A1:2001+A2:2005

Some FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: Internet is full of stories about failures of LED lamps. How would EnerGenie LED bulb rate in this respect?

Q: Can this bulb be used in a closed fixture with no opening, like a globe or sphere? Or, must this bulb have air circulation for good, long life?

Q: Would you be able to prove this statement with the measurements? What is the temperature inside the driver cavity after 30 minutes of operation?

Q: How about LED degradation? I heard that the LED lamps produce less light over the time.

Q: You claim that EnerGenie LED lamp is able to combat the heat much better than the traditional LED lamps. What is the reason for that?

Q: You claim that EnerGenie LED lamp is able to combat the heat much better than the traditional LED lamps. What is the reason for that?

Q: What is the color temperature of your EnerGenie lamp?

Q: How about the color rendering index of your EnerGenie lamp?

Q: Can you achieve 90 CRI in the future?

Q: What is the power factor of EnerGenie LED bulb?

Q: What’s your sales pitch to someone who can get a pack of 8-10 compact fluorescent lightbulbs (13W actual, 60 W equivalent) for the low price of $6.00. I did the math comparing the difference in energy consumption between my current lights your LED lights; it would take me 20 years to break even, assuming a cost of $0.085 per KWH, 6 hour run time, 365 days a year. Why would someone want to make the switch? I’m content with the light quality in my house. I see no economic rationale to do this.

Gembird Europe BV has been founded in 1997 in the Netherlands.

From the very beginning the company strategy has been to develop its own innovative products. In 2008 the company made big endeavors towards embracing green energy-saving technologies and introduced a new trademark EnerGenie - intended to deal with the energy-related, environmentally friendly products.

EnerGenie is all about environment, all about a better, sustainable, green world. EnerGenie products won numerous international awards, one of them being a prestigious innovation award for the E-printer at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, USA.

Share the wonder of EnerGenie LED bulb with us!

Let us see you smile at your energy bill!

Let your support to EnerGenie be your contribution to a better, green world!