Power distribution unit (PDU), 8 Schuko sockets, 1U, 16A, C14 plug 3 m cable

  • Professional aluminium power supply unit
  • Rack mountable - ideal for server cabinets

  • 8 x Schuko type sockets
  • Sockets with safety shutters
  • 1U rack mountable

Output: 8 pcs, Schuko german type, female
Input: 1 pcs, C14 plug, 3 meters power cord (3 x 1.5 sq. mm)
Max. working voltage: 250 V AC
Max. output current: 16 A
Output power: up to 3680 W
Frequency: 50 Hz
Shell: aluminium
Temperature: 0 ~ 45 Celsius degree
Humidity: 0% ~ 90%
Dimensions: 432 x 44 x 44 mm
Net weight: 0.8 kg

Systémové požadavky
NOTE: indoor use only

Detaily balení
Množství v kartonu, kusy20
Velikost kartonu, CUM0.0682
Váha kartonu, kg20.06
Individual package size LxWxH:540x100x60 mm
Carton size LxWxH:550x400x310 mm
Země původuCN
Čárkový kód (EAN)8716309098953
Customs code8537109899
Packagingbrown carton box

Trade Mark

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