Universal travel adapter plug set

  • 4-plug travel adapter set
  • Suitable for use in most countries in Europe, North- and South America, Southeast Asia and Africa

  • For devices with Euro or USA plug
  • Plug for Southern Europe: France, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Turkey, etc.
  • US plug: America, the Caribbean, East Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Japan, China etc.)
  • Long-distance plug: Africa, Burma, Sri Lanka
  • GB plug: England, Scotland, Hong Kong

Power input: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Power rating: 1 KW max at 250 V AC
Dimensions: 130 x 50 x 50 mm
Net weight: 120 g
Material: PBT

Systémové požadavky
NOTE: Does not transform the voltage and does not modify the mains frequency.

Detaily balení
Množství v kartonu, kusy100
Velikost kartonu, CUM0.1122
Váha kartonu, kg17.57
Individual package size LxWxH:255x100x60 mm
Carton size LxWxH:480x425x550 mm
Země původuCN
Čárkový kód (EAN)8716309092180
Customs code8504405590

Trade Mark

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