Ni-MH rechargeable AAA batteries, 1000mAh, 2pcs blister pack

  • Reusable energy for a blue planet

  • Rechargeable Ni-MH batteries
  • Help the environment - stop using non-rechargeable alkaline batteries
  • Suitable for MP3 players, cameras, remote controllers etc.

Specifiche Tecniche
Voltage: 1.2 V DC at 1000 mAh capacity
Charging time: 2-6 hours depending on the charge current
Recharge cycles: at least 500
Material: Ni-MH
Lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), mercury (Hg) free
Size: standard AAA size, 10.5 mm x 44.5 mm
Net weight (of each battery): 14 g

Contenuto della Confezione
Rechargeable AAA batteries: 2 pcs

Dettagli del Packing
Quantità per cartone, pezzi100
Volume del cartone, CUM0.016126875
Peso del cartone, Kg3.8
Individual package size LxWxH:160x103x10 mm
Carton size LxWxH:375x183x235 mm
Paese di origineCN
Customs code8507500090

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