Power strip with USB charger, 5 sockets, 1.5 m, USB 2A, black

  • Perfect for charging your phone or tablet
  • 5 sockets suitable for high power consumption devices
  • Self-diagnostic
  • Safe for children

  • Designed for electrical loads up to 16 A
  • High quality flame-retardant plastic case
  • Child protection shutters on each socket
  • Two USB ports allow charging two simultanious devices with total power consumption up to 2A
  • Monitors that the USB charging circuit is working correctly

Maximum total power load: 250 V AC, up to 16 A, 50 Hz - 60 Hz
Sockets: 5 X German (Schuko) type
German (Schuko) plug 16 A 1.5mm2 power cord, 1.5 m
USB ports: 2 pcs, 5 V DC, total current up to 2 A
Dimensions: 360 mm x 56 mm x 41 mm
Temperature range: -5...+ 40 °C
Net weight: 0.49 kg

Detaily balení
Množství v kartonu, kusy20
Velikost kartonu, CUM0.051987
Váha kartonu, kg11.48
Individual package size LxWxH:410x90x55 mm
Carton size LxWxH:430x310x390 mm
Země původuCN
Čárkový kód (EAN)8716309089777
Customs code8544429090
Packagingcolor box

Trade Mark

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