EnerGenie 带网络界面的可编程电源插座

  • EG-PM2-LAN is a power outlet strip with advanced power management features. It is possible to individually switch 4 sockets on or off manually via your local network or Internet, by timer schedule, or by programmable special events (eg: switch on my scanner whenever I start Photoshop, or have my printer switched on only when I really print). With your free personal user account on you can manage your EG-PM2-LAN via Internet from all over the world, even with your smartphone.
  • Stay in control of all your electrical devices at home or in the office
  • Program four sockets individually via LAN or Internet
  • Switch electric devices on or off with your smartphone, wherever you are
  • An advanced standby-killer for computer peripherals
  • Perfect solution for security systems , sauna , aquariums, pet habitats, etc.

  • 您可以通过电脑手动控制EG-PM2-LAN上独立插孔的开闭
  • 也可通过电脑对EG-PM2-LAN上的独立插孔设置时间计划任务控制开闭
  • 您还可以将电脑中的程序与独立插孔绑定,从而达到节能的目的,例如在Windows或其它程序(又如打印程序)启动或结束任务时,该程序所绑定的设备电源也随之自动开启或关闭
  • 由于具有网络接口和内置的网页服务器,EG-PM2-LAN可以通过您本地网络内的任意电脑进行访问(利用网页浏览器或自带的电源管理软件)
  • 您也可以分配一个固定IP地址给EG-PM2-LAN, 由此可以通过互联网在全世界进行远程访问
  • 您的家中没有固定IP地址?没问题。您可以在EnerGenie.com建立你的个人账户,通过连接到互联网的电脑或智能手机来管理你的EG-PM2-LAN。它可以让你一进家门就可以喝到热咖啡的梦想成为现实。
  • 在过滤IP的64位数据加密保护下,您可以安全的用互联网连接到EG-PM2-LAN
  • EG-PMS2-LAN内置电池供定时任务使用,因此即时EG-PM2-LAN的电源暂时中断,您所设定的定时任务也会继续工作。

RJ45 LAN connector
Input voltage: up to 250 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz
Maximum load current: 10A
Maximum power consumption: 2.5 W
Built-in power supply
Power cord: 1.8 m
Hardware schedule possibilities:
Maximum number of independent hardware schedule events – 45 per socket
Time setting accuracy in seconds
Combine periodical and once events
Timer accuracy: not more than 2 seconds error per day in case that power is always present. Otherwise there can be an additional up to 2 seconds error per each "power off"
Indoor use only
Working temperature range: from 0 to +40 °C
Dimensions: 378 x 100 x 57 мм
Net weight: up to 1 kg

Local area network with RJ45 sockets
Any Internet-enabled computer connected to the local area network
Computer running Windows® 2000/XP/Vista or Windows 7 is required for using the Power Manager software (use of this software is not compulsory)
Helpdesk Email (Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (NL time) excluding holidays)
driver Energenie Power Manager v. (11601 kb)
User manual and Quick installation guide
RJ45 cross-over cable (red), RJ45 LAN cable (grey)
CD with Power Manager software for Windows

装箱数量 10
外箱体积 0.047472
外箱重量 12.72
Individual package size LxWxH:400x145x65 mm
Carton size LxWxH:430x345x320 mm
原产国 CN
条码 8716309075572
Customs code8544429090
Packagingcolor box

Trade Mark

Product information sheet

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