Remote controlled 5 socket surge protector

  • Protect your valuable equipment
  • Easy switching with wireless remote control
  • Also charges most mobile phones and MP3 players

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  • Remote controlled 5 socket AC surge protector with TV, telephone and network protection
  • Protects computers, other office equipment and home appliances from harmful power surges and spikes
  • USB ports allow charging any device with up to 1 A power consumption
  • Innovative main power ‘touch’ switch
  • Designed for electrical loads up to 16 A
  • High quality flame-retardant plastic case
  • Child protection shutters
  • Mounting holes

Maximum total power load: 250 V AC, up to 16 A, 50 Hz
Remote control: up to 10 m
Sockets: German (Schuko) type
Plug: built-in German (Schuko) 16 A, 1.8 m cord
Protected ports: 2 x network 8 pin interface (IN and OUT), 2 x telephone 6 pin interface (IN and OUT) and 2 x TV COAX interface (IN and OUT)
USB ports: 2 pcs, 5 V DC, total current up to 1000 mA
Surge protection: Up = 1.2 kV for L-N, L-G, N-G; Uoc = 4 kV for L-N, L-G, N-G; Uo = 230 V, Uc = 250 V, Ucs = 1.1 x 230 = 253 V
Standby power: 0.6 W
Cable length: 1.8 m
Dimensions: 421 mm x 61 mm x 44 mm
Net weight: 0.78 kg

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manual EG-SP5-TNCU6B-RM_Russian User Manual (3118 kb)
manual EG-SP5-U6B-RM_EG-SP5-TNCU6B-RM Energenie User Manual (3524 kb)

CE Certificate (pdf file)
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Surge protector
Remote control with a battery (12 VDC, type 27A)

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Τεμάχια / κιβώτιο, τμχ10
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Individual package size LxWxH:5000x100x60 mm
Carton size LxWxH:470x310x245 mm
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